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Anna Bensky (b. 1992, they/them) is a queer, neurodivergent creative and multidisciplinary artist based in Tāmaki Makaurau, Auckland. Born and raised in rural Tāmaki on the city's North Shore, their practice is informed by a curiosity about the natural world, and explores ecological interconnection and environmental relationships both within and beyond everyday human perception. 

Often incorporating creative writing into their methodology and frequently drawing on scientific fields of research, such as environmental science, geology, and astrophysics, Anna’s practice investigates how ecology is conceptualised within contemporary societies and the context of Aotearoa's colonial history. Their work explores the agency of non-human entities, ecological systems, and the liveliness of the abiotic — typically regarded as non-living in Western thought — as envisioned through a technological lens. Creating across a range of primarily digital media, including moving image, photogrammetry, field recording and audiovisual installation, Anna’s work explores the mediating and narrative properties of artificial technology and its potential as a means of fostering ecological intimacy.

Anna completed their MFA at Whitecliffe in 2023 and is currently based in Central Auckland.

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