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Site-specific light installation

LED light strips, motorised turntable, USB power bank, MDF board, pine dowel, tinfoil, balsa wood, screws.

Dimensions variable.

Installation of Self-field at Whitecliffe Year 3 & Honours midyear Fine Art Exhibition, 2021.

The body is a site of information – a generator, translator, ground, and mediator between ourselves and the surrounding world.

Often,  the boundary between myself and the environment becomes blurred or lost. This dissociation leads to a feeling of not knowing where one begins and the other ends. At times this can be distressing, and at others this fluidity creates a sense of peace and connection with the world around me.

In using this experience as a generative force in my practice, I began documenting my body’s “data” in the form of freckle maps, giving the body space to form a visual language of its own. My interest in how bodily information can be mapped and experienced grew, particularly in relation to time, space, existence, and identity. These small marks are one indicator of my body’s existence - building over time and acting as a visual measurement of my body’s presence in particular places up to this point in time.

In returning these personal “data” collections to the medium of light, I hope to evoke a sense of this energy being cast back outwards from the body itself, and to visually reflect the celestial bodies and navigational constellations that share the same atomic make up as us. In pulling myself apart, in the most gentle way, I hope to find a space for myself in the world.

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