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Surface Tension (bubble up, bubble over) 


Multichannel video installation

6:11 loop

Installation art, video art, Whitecliffe
Installation art, video art, Whitecliffe
Installation art, video art, Whitecliffe

Installation view at Whitecliffe, 2021.

This installation explores concepts of introspection and extrospection in relation to Auckland's Covid-19 lockdowns. This work combines film and drawing to examine the slippage between experience, memory, mediation of information, and reality that I’ve felt during this time, as well as the relationship between body and mind in the process - psychologically through abstract drawing of memories experienced outside my home bubble, and physically through the incorporation of these mediated memories as visual objects into the private space of the home environment.   

For many of us who live in shared homes, the house and particularly the bedroom has become a central location where the day’s events take place - both familiar and personal, yet confined and exposed. With the increased intrusion of digital technology, video calls, and a sense of information overload, these private interior spaces have become routinely visible and the conscious boundary between interior and exterior heightened yet increasingly in flux.  

As the usual access to the world outside our bubbles has changed, we are left to increasingly rely on first-hand experiences or mediated information to build an understanding of the world outside ourselves. Yet within our limited bubbles, unique and subjective experiences are had that are both shared in their nature and deeply personal. 

These digital drawings are created in virtual reality, a liminal space that allows the body to become a somatic tool for mediating its own information and external data. In juxtaposing surreal, cartoon-like drawings with the mundane reality of daily life in a limited domestic environment, I hope to explore a hyperreal rendition of a psychological and spatial bubble. Within it, a blurring of introspection and extrospection and the notion of a rhizomatically-formed understanding of the world are examined, with the home providing a backdrop for these inner processes to be witnessed.  

Video works from Surface Tension (bubble up, bubble over), 2021. 

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