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Wellesley Street Series


Laser-cut acrylic sheet, paper

Dimensions variable

Installation at the Human Nature group exhibition, Form Gallery, Auckland, 2022.

The Wellesley St. Series grew from an interest in the relationship between objects and their environment, particularly that between the natural world and urban landscapes. These in-between spaces are often in flux, never staying the same for long. From these relationships come unique things, entities reflective of their origin but individual in their own right. 


These works represent shadows created by trees along Wellesley Street, Auckland, that I observed on different dates and at different times of the day this year. These patterns were captured on film before being isolated and abstracted. In doing so, the shape that results from the relationship between light, object and place is highlighted, and the ephemeral is re-imagined in a tangible physical form. 


In re-imagining these creations that result from moments in time and space, I hope to explore the relationship between both ourselves and the world around us, and the agency of the relationships and things that exist outside of human consideration.

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